David Mayer Sculpture Studio

Collectors comments

"The little leopard arrived yesterday, I wasn’t in the office but have just opened it this morning. It is wonderful, I love it. It really ‘speaks’ leopard! Thank you again,"
Dr Luke Hunter, Panthera, New York
"The two deer bronzes arrived safely today, they are magnificent. The patina is just right, more important David captured the sense of the deer wonderfully. When a sculptor really knows the animal, it's immediately evident. Few manage to get them right."
Roger B. Hirschland Washington DC
"Your Leopard is now in my living room, gazing imperiously, looking quite magnificent and putting a smile on my face. I love it..
Jon Kelley, Australia


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Bronze Lynx Fragment Sculpture
Bronze Lynx Maquette Sculpture
Life size bronze Lynx sculptureWhite Rhino bronze
Leopard sculpture in bronze
Scottish Wildcat Sculpture
Leopard Bust Fragment
Small Leopard sculpture
Small Leopard on rock reclining
Bronze Buffalo sculpture
Red Stag bronze sculpture
Roe Buck sculpture
Bronze Otter sculpture